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Help with Homework - the Conspiracy When it regards minor struggles you must remind yourself someone has at all times had it worse. Even in the event that you don't have children, odds are you're still attempting to cram too much doing'' into each day. Sometimes you merely require help. If you need assistance, you've got to ask someone for it. Balancing work and learning how to develop into a mom was a challenge. Though there are lots of fantastic strategies to acquire homework donewhich the students may adapt but again whenever the time is considered, it gets very tough. Fully being a unique ed teacher I don't have a conventional space. Know what your own personal type of learning is so everything can become easier and so that you may learn faster. High traffic locations within the classroom can impact concentration and the probability of distractions. Always busy with homework, students can't socialize in a healthful manner which causes difficulty in communication in the later phases of life. Firstly, they feel the stress of finishing the homework on time. After the internships, they can receive valuable employment before entering the big job market. So what you should do is to understand how to implement the most innovative study strategies to find the results that you want. There are numerous study guides available to assist you learn much better study habits. If you would like better grades, then you ought to explore obtaining a study guide that will help you retain more of what you learn. In addition, there are students who can figure out how to finish their homework papers but cannot take the probability of correcting the homework papers. For example you might not be taking classroom notes appropriately. Among the very best college study suggestions to remember is that taking notes is critical to your success. One more thing that students are able to do is to create structured and focused study habits. Some individuals find it beneficial to quiz themselves over class material. Help with Homework - What Is It? Public school is just one of the last true democratic systems in our nation. Students add to the evolution of a country up to the best extent thus it is extremely vital for a country to control its education system in the greatest possible ways including latest trends in education and steps to earn higher-education best in quality. Thanks to the coming together of education and technology, they can have access to instant help when it comes to homework. The students don't know about the tactics of including the essential information. The Advantages of Help with Homework Some nights a youngster might get homework due the following day in every subject. Students don't need to feel they have to take a seat in the front of the laptop all day. Many students have discovered they accomplish more if they set aside a particular period of time to study daily. Not all students work or receive a salary from time to time. Using Help with Homework It will not be easy for you to focus on writing in case you own a science, math, and fine arts assignment. Clearly, making certain homework is done is extremely important. On the flip side, teachers think that homework is required to reinforce learning. Students may accomplish their assignments in time and also learn more regarding the subject of assignment through internet assignment help. Kids don't need to read textbooks or the classics to keep reading skills over the summertime. Students want to keep the necessary deadline in addition to that. They are one of the most stressed-out groups of people. In the same way as any other school, a particular number of credits are necessary for the students to obtain a high school diploma. The info is there, you simply should know where to search for it. If kids utilizing One-way Training are successful, they're simply not likely to learn the things that they will need to learn. There's online help together with external tutors. The Ultimate Help with Homework Trick Once weaknesses are identified, you can begin helping. An immediate result of stress due to homework comes in the shape of health issues.

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Essay On Best Home Gym Equipment - 1447 Words

For the best result, you need best home gym equipment for weight loss and have a very good effect on the muscles and internal organs. This Best equipment will improve the circulatory system and general health of the body. Our Fitness mojo team will help you to get the best one for you. Best home gym equipment for weight loss (-- removed HTML --) (-- removed HTML --) Best Home Gym Equipment For Weight Loss 1. Best Pull Up Bar Reviews: Pull up bar is one of the Best home gym equipment for weight loss. This best pull up bar is the best for your upper body exercise. You can do 9 awesome and effective exercises with this type of Fitness Chin Up Bar. For pull up exercises and fitness mojo you just need a chin- up bar at home.†¦show more content†¦Its non-skid ridges will ensure that the mat never slips during use. Continue Check Price Best home gym equipment for weight loss 4. Fitness Reality X-Class 410 Recumbent Exercise Bike: Are you looking for exercise bike then take a quick look at Fitness reality x-class 410 recumbent exercise bike airsoft seat adjustable lumbar backrest reviews. This Fitness Reality X-Class 410 Recumbent Exercise Bike is more comfortable then most exercise bikes people tend to use for longer periods of time. This Fitness reality x-class 410 bikes of course translates to more calories burned, and more weight loss for you! Continue Best balance ball chair reviews 5. Gaiam Backless Classic Balance Ball Chair: Gaiam backless classic balance ball chair is another Best home gym equipment for weight loss. It is a revolutionary desk chair will change the way you sit. This Balance ball is designed with a work-life balance in mind The Backless Classic Gaiam Balance Ball Chair provides all-day ergonomic support for a healthier back and stronger core. Continue Best home gym equipment for weight loss 6. Kettlebell for home fitness: Is the best kettlebell workout new to you? First check out the general information about the kettlebell, such as what it is, what you can do and much more! Are you familiar with kettlebells and are you looking for new kettlebells? Then check out the kettlebell exercises and training? See what you can train, whereShow MoreRelatedActions and Their Labels of Either Right or Wrong Essay1204 Words   |  5 PagesRight or Wrong In this academic essay there will be an in depth look at the words of Mill, in terms of actions and their labels of either right and wrong, and those connotations to happiness and, so to speak the reverse of happiness. There will be an attempt through various different channels, to illustrate the absurdity of utilitarianism, in the sense of its mere provisional assessment of promoting happiness. Furthermore this essay will also emphasize the fact that happinessRead MoreTaking a Look at Basketball1299 Words   |  5 Pagesthe world. In this essay, the history, equipment, leaders, and rules of the game will be explained. When basketball was invented, James Naismith’s boss was Mr. Luther Gulick, chairman of the physical education department at the school for Christian workers (now Springfield College) in Springfield, Massachusetts, instructed James to invent a new game to entertain the school’s athletes during the winter. He then found a peach basket and nailed it 10 feet above the gym doors onto a woodenRead MoreManagement Theory Of Management And Management937 Words   |  4 Pagestogether process. This essay focuses on how to make the company management effectively with some cases. There is no doubt that theory of management plays an important role in company management, which make people understand: what is it, what it entails, what works, what does not advance as we development new ideal, apply them and evaluate the outcomes ( Robbins, S., DeCenzo, D., Coulter, M. and Woods, M. 2014, p.22 ); and it could be a good guideline to help people make best choice. Review the historyRead MoreThe Importance Of Quality Management Schemes And Strategies Within An Organization1504 Words   |  7 Pages In this essay I will explore how the use effective quality management can be used to continuously improve a business that seeks to deliver high quality service. Torkildsen (2011) defines quality management as, concerning processes that are designed to deliver continuous improvement within an organisation and aim to meet and exceed customer expectations of the product and or service that is being provided. To me Torkildsen’s definition sums up quality management perfectly and shows that the mostRead MoreMarketing Segmentation of Adidas Essay1435 Words   |  6 Pagesworld, after Nike. The companys clothing and shoe designs typically feature three parallel bars. The company revenue for 2009 was listed at â‚ ¬10.38 billion. The market segmentation; targeting and position play an important role in this company. This essay will use the three factors to analyze this company. Market segmentation Market segmentation was to dividing a market into distinct groups of buyers with different needs, charactistics or behaviour who might require separate products or marketingRead MorePersonal Responsibility And Accountability : Accountability1692 Words   |  7 PagesPersonal Responsibility and Accountability Accountability a word that is most often used and has several meanings, to give an example is responsibility, blameworthiness, liability and other terms. Accountability can be used in many places such as work, home and even on a battle field, it can also be used for little things for instance taking a piece of paper from one destination to another; you are responsible for that piece of paper its condition and whether or not it gets to its destination. Or bigRead MorePeople Travel For Many Reasons1808 Words   |  8 Pagesand front desk to assistant manager. Hotels are your home away from home, and your stay at a hotel should be enjoyable. I am going to give you a few tips to make your next stay as enjoyable as possible. It all starts with making your reservation. How do you pick a hotel? Do you look at star ratings? Star ratings are based on the amenities that they provide. Hotels get rated on amenities such as breakfast, swimming pools, restaurants on site, a gym on site, or a shuttle service. The star ratings haveRead MoreTelevision Essay1794 Words   |  8 Pagesfeeling of humanity towards other people and provides us with crucial knowledge and information.This essay however will discuss both the positive and negatives roles television has in our lives today.Each positive aspect will contrast with a negative showing the different opinions.The essay will convey how television makes us more intelligent,assists us to lose weight,acts as a catalyst in the family home,provides us with knowledge how to do certain things and also how it is a great form of entertainmentRead MoreReflection Paper On My Writing5143 Words   |  21 PagesRebottaro ENG 131.72 Nicole Brake Reflection Essay Throughout my semester in English 131, I have gained many improvements to both my writing skills and my writing process. One such improvement was making me think critically on my essays in both this class and another class where we had to write essays. On all of my later self-reviews, I constantly gave way below what I was eventually given, and that helped me so much, by changing my essays so much more than what I would have done originallyRead MoreA Report On The Foreclosure Crisis1792 Words   |  8 Pageswould talk about the foreclosure rate, and how many people were losing their homes. The radio stations were advertising seminars for people who were going into foreclosure and needed assistance. The newspaper had several stories about the foreclosure rate being at an all time high. And as you drove around various neighborhoods, from lower income to million dollar homes, you would see sign after sign that stated the home was in foreclosure. This horrible word â€Å"foreclos ure† hurt so many people

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A Definition of a Friend Essay - 641 Words

A Definition of a Friend Friendship is not simply a relationship, knowing someone, conversing with that person, or dealing with that person in business, school, or in casual acquaintance. True friendship is not just a relationship, but self-sacrificing love. A friend is also one who supports, sympathizes, and is a person in whom you can confide. There are unique qualities that a person must have to be considered a friend. An acquaintance is not automatically considered a friend. Just because you know someone does not mean there is an instant friendship.This does not mean that an acquaintance cannot change into a valued friendship. There are qualities that a friend must have, but time is also a factor. A friendship can†¦show more content†¦Friends should support each other at all times. In anything friends do, they should respect each others opinions and support each other. Not only must friends be supportive of one another, there should also be a sympathetic tone when needed. Friends should not only listen, but also understanding needs to take place, as well as help. When a friend is in need, you are waiting for him as he would be waiting for you. If a friend is not sympathetic and aware of your needs, then there is a weak friendship. Each should know his friends goals, needs, and wants. If these things are not known, then there is a weak relationship. Friends should set goals together to h elp develop a strong relationship. They can even help each other along the way. One persons weakness could be another friends strength. A person needs to be loved, and that is what a friend does. A friend needs to be respected as well as loved. Not only should a friends needs be fulfilled, but also certain wants. A friend wants a person who will listen, love, and show respect, just as anybody would. A friend is also loyal and trustworthy. When friends talk to one another, it is known that the conversation should just be between them, especially if it is personal to either of them. Neither person should share any of the information with someone else. That is just like invading someones privacy when you repeat something that a friend tells you without permission. You should be able to confide in andShow MoreRelatedMy Definition Of Friends With Classification1406 Words   |  6 PagesMy Definition of Friends with Classification The meaning of the word friend has evolved through several historical, social and cultural changes over time. Human beings are born into families. Human beings are able to pick their friends. The word friend, according to the online etymology dictionary is define as one attached to another by feelings of personal regard and preference.† Human beings believe that the way to escape overwhelming emotional it to pick a friend. The first contact withRead MoreThe Republic, By Plato1671 Words   |  7 PagesPolemarchus and then has Thrasymachus finish the debate. Each of them gave different perspectives to what justice means and what it is to be just. In this paper I will show how each one of their definition is unique yet can also be seen to be quite similar. I will also suggest which one of the definition I like to be right, if any. In the beginning of the book Socrates starts off his conversation with Polemarchus’ father, Cephalus. Socrates enters the room and Cephalus welcomes him in. CephalusRead MoreRelationship Between Friendship And Friendship985 Words   |  4 Pagesaround daily, between family, friends, social media, etc. People just say the word without thinking what it really refers to, but does everyone really understand what the word â€Å"friendship† means? People believe that the word â€Å"friendship† is just used to describe a friend or a bigger group of friends, but in reality it actually means a lot more. I believe that it is important to know what the word â€Å"friendship† really means. Not everyone is going to have the same definition, because â€Å"friendship† can haveRead MoreFamily Definition with Classification Essay1322 Words   |  6 Pagesï » ¿My Definition of Family with Classification The definition of â€Å"family† may differ from one person to the next. Even the various dictionaries have multiple definitions for the simple yet ever so complex word. The Oxford English Dictionary’s etymology of the word family comes from the Middle French famile, beginning in 1337 with family being defined as a group of people living under the same roof, household, in 1442-44 included a group of people related by blood, 1580 a group of people relatedRead MoreEssay about The Importance of Friends Throughout Life565 Words   |  3 PagesThe word â€Å"friend† is a widely used term to define one’s emotional connection/relation to another person. One can have a few friends, or a large group of friends. Evidently, the word is used to describe the relationship two, or more, people can have with each other. There are a few dictionary definitions including, â€Å"one attached to another by affection or esteem†, or, â€Å"one that is of the same nati on, party, or group†, and even, â€Å"a person who you like and enjoy being with.† The definition of the wordRead MoreAnalysis Of The Book Is What Is A True Friend 933 Words   |  4 PagesWhat Is a True Friend. The author’s name is Elaine S. Dalton. The article belongs to Youth. It tells us we should focus on being a friend rather than having friends. The definition of a friend has changed in today’s technologically connected the world and there are many definitions of what means to be a friend. However, which definition that the author can not agree more with is that Elder Robert D. Hales speak about what it means to be a friend and the powerful influence of friends in our lives.Read MoreClassifications of Types of Friendships850 Words   |  4 PagesDardenella Braxton Instructor Mike Catello ENG 1010 P04 August 22, 2012 Classification of types of Friendships Acquaintances Best Friends Casual Relationships Colleagues Comrades Fair Weather Friends Internet Friends Open Relationships Pen Pals Soul Mates The word friend has been used as a verb in the English language since the early 15th Century. The term comes from German origin and has existed since the founding of Old English. The word friendship is one of its derivatives thatRead MoreThe Role Of Attraction On Cross Sex Friendships964 Words   |  4 PagesCan you be friends with someone you like? The dynamic of cross-sex friendships is an interesting area of study and one of which has little data. Moreover, research on this narrow subject is rather limited and comes from fairly old studies. The idea that men and women cannot be ‘just friends,’ is due to the idea that there must be some aspect of physical and or romantic involved. As Reeder discussed traditional societal norms and expectations of male-female relationships have played a role in howRead MoreThe family Debate: A Brief History1032 Words   |  4 Pagesâ€Å"Blood is thicker than water† and â€Å"Family before friends† are two common idea s related to the idea of family vs. friends. With social changes to modern society these two terms are even more relevant to how families work and how families will continue to form in the future. According to Mary Patricia Treuthart, author of â€Å"Adopting a more realistic definition of family† in the 1990’s the appropriate definition of family was â€Å"a breadwinner-husband and a homemaker-wife who live with their biologicalRead MoreGeorge Levingers Definition of Close Relationships and How Its Changed Today792 Words   |  4 Pagesexchange personal disclosures, and 5) care deeply about one another. His definition of interpersonal relationships is one part social, one part physical, and three parts psychological. Although I agree with the components of his definition, I believe that in the world we live in today there are more factors that play a part in determining if the relationship is successful or not. In the frantic lives that we live in family, friends, a nd lovers are more important than ever and play a crucial role in everything

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Same sex adoption Do I qualify Essay Example For Students

Same sex adoption: Do I qualify? Essay Artemis PattichiENG 1000cResearch Paper 12/17/03In recent years, the gay adoption issue has taken big dimensions.Eversince the public acknowledged that Rosie ODonnel is a gay mother. This hascaused many states to debate the legality of the issue, and has created apublic debate on the ethics of it. In trying to understand the issues at hart, I researched it from a uniquepoint of view. I interviewed 3 gay couples at different stages of adoption. These are their stories. The first couple we will meet are two women, who have successfully adoptedtwo children. They actually adopted these children (now aged 10 and 12)before they met or had a relationship.Each one underwent lengthyprocedures with the state adoption agency to get approved as singlemothers. The state examines not only youre ability to raise the child saysNathalie but also asks rather impersonal questions. I was asked if I washomosexual, I was asked if I had ever had homosexual relations, I was askedif I had any sexual attraction to younger children etc. I asked her howshe handled these questions, and she replied at first, I did not knowwhat to do. I left the questions blank, and went on to the more importantelements, employment, money etc. About a week later, I got a call from theadoption agency asking me why I had not completed all the questions on theform. They told me that if I do not complete all the questions that myapplication would be summarily rejected. I sat there, thought about it, long and hard. I wanted to adopt a child, Iwanted to raise a child and have a family. What could I do? I was going toget rejected so I decided that having a child was more important to methat some form, and so I merrily went to the adoption agency, lied throughmy teeth on the form, made myself sound like Ms. America, and got acceptedfor the program.I do feel ashamed of having lied. I find that I am one of the most honestpeople around. I could not give up my chance to become a mother for a smallwhite lie she ends off. Melanie had a much easier time, because in her case, no one asked anypersonal questions. I had a good adoption lawyer. There is a high demandin the south for good parents, and I qualified for the program. I was neverasked about my sexual orientation, I was just asked forfinancialinformation. Maybe the lawyer did something, I dont know, butmyexperience was a lot simpler and less stressful than Nathalies. I asked both why they chose to go through this process as opposed toanother child process of for example artificial insemination. Melaniereplied by saying: Although it probably would have been simpler to dothat, my reasoning was that there are so many orphans and abandonedchildren in America today, who deserve the chance to have a good home and agood family, and to grow up with people who care about them. To me, a childis a child, and all children deserve to be taken care of. I did not thinkof my personal convenienceI then asked the couple to tell us if it was difficult for the children tohave a gay parent. Nathalie, who has the oldest of the two replies: Youknow, these days, these kids know a lot more about the birds and the beesthan we did at their age. I know that my son, at age 10, came and asked mestraight out, mommy are you gay. I was expecting that question much laterin life. And I remember looking at him, and saying yes, Justin, I am. For a split second, I did not know what else to say, or how he would react. So then my son said Thats great!!! I was flabbergasted, and asked himwhy. He said because my friend Tommys daddy is gay too, so I can joinTommys club. Alas, outwitted by two 10 year olds. Obviously, he did notunderstand exactly what being gay is or means, but as he got older, heunderstood more and more. The next question asked was what sexual orientation would you like yourchildren to have would you want them to be gay, or would it bother you ifthey were straight. Melanie interjected and said we know, like most gaypeople know, like most doctors know, that homosexuality is something youreborn with. We want our children, both our children to be happy and healthyand to be true to themselves. Being a gay parent does not put you in areverse situation, in that as gay parents we want our kids to be gay, andif they are per-say straight, then we would not tell them being straightis not good. As homosexuals, we both had to undergo a period of adjustingand accepting our sexual orientation, therefore, we dont want our childrento have to go through that. Whether gay or straight or bisexual for thatmatter, its fine by us, as long as our children are comfortable with theirsexual orientation. We do not want to face a reverse discriminationsituation. I also spoke with a male gay couple, Paul and Jack.Paul has adopted achild using much the same tactics. When I started the adoption process, I knew that they would never allow agay couple to adopt. In fact I spent years and years contemplating whetheror not I should even bother applying. Finally, I drew up enough courage togo and launch an application. I filled out the questionnaire in much thesame way most gay men do I lied! Then I got to a part of the form whereit required a woman. It read single mothers or married couples only.Iwas stuck! What to do? So I put down Jackie. When I came home, and Itold Jack, he was furious. What do you expect me to get dressed in dragto go for the interview? Where are we going to come up with a Jackie?Theapplication process went pretty far, and we avoided the whole Jackiething, then one day I got a call saying that we were approved for adoption,and that Jackie and I had to BOTH show up to meet the child.I wasabsolutely thrilled and terrified all at the same time. What to do?Icalled my friend Helen who was at the time acting off-Broadway, and askedher t o play a part for me. She agreed, reluctantly, and off we went.Iwas praying that they would not ask Jackie for identification, but thecouncillor probably saw right through us, and just let us sign the papersand take Tommy home. For the first three years, Helen played out the roleof Jackie for the social worker. One day, out of the blue, I got a mycondolences card in the mail.It was from theadoptionagency. Guayana EssayMyth: Children need a mother and a father to have proper male andfemale role models. Fact: Children without homes have neither a mother nor a father asrole models. And children get their role models from many placesbesides their parents. These include grandparents, aunts anduncles, teachers, friends, and neighbors. In acase-by-caseevaluation, trained professionals can ensure that the child to beadopted or placed in foster care is moving into an environment withadequate role models of all types. Myth: Gays and lesbians dont have stable relationships and dontknow how to be good parents. Fact: Like other adults in this country, the majority of lesbiansand gay men are in stable committed relationships.7 Of course someof these relationships have problems, as do some heterosexualrelationships. The adoption and foster care screening process isvery rigorous, including extensive home visits and interviews ofprospective parents. It is designed to screen out those individualswho are not qualified to adopt or be foster parents, for whateverreason. All of the evidence shows that lesbians and gay men can anddo make good parents. The American Psychological Association, in arecent report reviewing the research, observed that not a singlestudy has found children of gay or lesbian parents tobedisadvantaged in any significant respect relative to children ofheterosexual parents, and concluded that homeenvironmentsprovided by gay and lesbian parents are as likely as those providedby heterosexual parents tosupportandenablechildrenspsychosocial growth.8 That is why the Child Welfare Lea gue ofAmerica, the nations oldest childrens advocacy organization, andthe North American Council on Adoptable Children say that gays andlesbians seeking to adopt should be evaluated just like otheradoptive applicants. Myth: Children raised by gay or lesbian parents are more likely togrow up gay themselves. Fact: All of the available evidence demonstrates that the sexualorientation of parents has no impact on the sexual orientation oftheir children and that children of lesbian and gay parents are nomore likely than any other child to grow up to be gay.9 There issome evidence that children of gays and lesbians are more tolerantof diversity, but this is certainly not a disadvantage. Of course,some children of lesbians and gay men will grow up to be gay, aswill some children of heterosexual parents. These children willhave the added advantage of being raised by parents who aresupportive and accepting in a world that can sometimes be hostile. Myth: Children who are raised by lesbian or gay parents will besubjected to harassment and will be rejected by their peers. Fact: Children make fun of other children for all kinds of reasons:for being too short or too tall, for being too thin or too fat, forbeing of a different race or religion or speaking a differentlanguage. Children show remarkable resiliency, especially if theyare provided with a stable and loving home environment. Children infoster care can face tremendous abuse from their peers for beingparentless. These children often internalize that abuse, and oftenfeel unwanted. Unfortunately, they do not have the emotionalsupport of a loving permanent family to help them through thesedifficult times. Myth: Lesbians and gay men are more likely to molest children. Fact: There is no connection between homosexuality and pedophilia. All of the legitimate scientific evidence shows that. Sexualorientation, whether heterosexual or homosexual, is an adult sexualattraction to others. Pedophilia, on the other hand, is an adultsexual attraction to children. Ninety percent of child abuse iscommitted by heterosexual men. In one study of 269 cases of childsexual abuse, only two offenders were gay or lesbian. Of the casesstudied involving molestation of a boy by a man, 74 percent of themen were or had been in a heterosexual relationship with the boysmother or another female relative. The study concluded that achilds risk of being molested by hisorherrelativesheterosexual partner is over 100 times greater than by someone whomight be identifiable as being homosexual, lesbian, or bisexual.10Myth: Children raised by lesbians and gay men will be brought up inan immoral environment. Fact: There are all kinds of disagreements in this country aboutwhat is moral and what is immoral. Some people may think raisingchildren without religion is immoral, yet atheists are allowed toadopt and be foster parents. Some people think drinking andgambling are immoral, but these things dont disqualify someonefrom being evaluated as an adoptive or foster parent. If weeliminated all of the people who could possibly be consideredimmoral, we would have almost no parents left to adopt andprovide foster care. That cant be the right solution. What we canprobably all agree on is that it is immoral to leave childrenwithout homes when there are qualified parents waiting to raisethem. And that is what many gays and lesbians can do. This document can be viewed in its entirety on the web at: http://archive.aclu.org/issues/gay/parent.htmlIn conclusion, it seems obvious that society is now slowly acceptinghomosexuals right to adopt children and recognize that sexual orientationand parenting ab ilities are not interrelated. Hopefully, in a few more years, stories like these we heard in thispresentation will no longer exist. Hopefully, gay couples will no longerrequire to lie, cheat or create scenarios in order to be able to adopt achild. Parenting is an instinct, the instinct to procreate. Having a child is theeasy part, raising the child, good parenting, is the difficult part.Whois to say if a straight person is more or less qualified to be a parentthan a gay person? What does sexual orientation have to do with parentingand child care?BibliographyInterviewsInterviews Conducted by Artemis Pattichi, 2003, New York1st Interview Nathalie OConnelMelanie King2nd Interview Paul LeblondJack Cartier3rd Interview Johnathan MillerJason AaronCitationhttp://archive.aclu.org/issues/gay/parent.html

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The Story of Tom Brennan free essay sample

Biggie’s song Juicy was a song where the lyrics depict his journey to fame, he talks about his hardship leading up to celebrity status. These consequences are distinguished through the use of techniques composers have used. The story of Tom Brennan covers the life of Tom who has a brother who in a horrific car accident took the life of two and leaving his cousin in a wheelchair, from here on we see Tom develop and move into the world, but as a result of this there are consequences. In tom’s case the consequences are positive. Tom as part of his journey as he transitions into the world he gains a girlfriend, chrissie. His girlfriend is symbolic of Tom growing up and maturing, before the accident he never would have thought he’d â€Å"get a girl before his brother†, in this case Tom has grown since the accident, grown up and got himself a girlfriend with the use of symbolism we are able to identiy this is part of growing up as he is maturing as part of his transition into the world. We will write a custom essay sample on The Story of Tom Brennan or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Biggie’s song Juicy explores his time from young to where he was up until the time he wrote the song. The first verse explores his time as a kid and his dreams. â€Å"I used to read word up magazine salt’n’pepa and heavy D up in the limousine hanging picture on my wall every Saturday rap attack mr. Magic marley marl†. As a kid he looked up to all these rappers and his dream at young . His dream is symbolic of the start of his transition into the new world. As we hear out the song lyrics come up â€Å"Sold out seats to hear biggie smalls speak† this is the point where he is at, at the time he wrote the song. The lyrics are symbolic of his success. It began with a dream now reality is he is standing in front of sell out crowds. He grows upon the fame. His consequences for moving into the world are expressed throughout the song to all be ‘succesors to the overall achievement J. C Burke uses colloquial language as well as First Person Narration which allows us to better understand the characters. â€Å"that’s the thing I couldn’t quite get my head around – there would be a tomorrow and a day after that and a day after that, the world went on regardless how I feel. At this point we are able to understand his depressive feelings, through the use of colloquial language and first person narrative we are able to get a better understanding of exactly how the character is feeling. As a result of moving into the world for Tom he has to overcome the tragedy, with tragedy comes sadness, this is what Tom is feeling here. Allusion is used within Juicy to help distinguish between the start of the transition into the world and being able to establish the difference between the end. we used to fuss when the landlord dissed us, no heat, no wonder why Christmas missed us, birthdays were the worst days, now we sip champagne when were thirsty†. The allusion from the beginning being the unable to pay rent, not affording heat nor affording birthday or Christmas and reaching the point that champagne is in a lasting supply, Biggie is able to express the change from the beginning of the transition to the end. As part of growing up we understand the pain of missing parts of the year we all enjoy and having to live in the style he had to, this was all a consequence to growing into the world. Tone and repetition of first person pronoun ensure us that in the story of Tom Brennan Daniel is willing to change and transition into a new world himself. â€Å"I’m going to get there I promise. I’m going to make walk out of here one day, and i’ll make it up to you all i swear†. His tone can be expressed as serious and the repetition of I informs us he is taking responsibility. Using the two also allow us to understand Daniel as a character better. From this we can tell, hes determined to make a change, he is strong, and he is willing and accepting. As a consequence of Daniel Moving into the world he has to accept that he has done something wrong which he is accepting here, its part of his consequence to feel the guilt from his actions, but he will manage to get through it if he stands by his word. Biggie smalls uses a prologue as a technique to set the tone of the song. The prologue says â€Å"This album is dedicated to all the teacher that told me i’d never amount to nothin’† he finishes the prologue with â€Å"it’s all good baby baby† here he states his issue then he goes on to forgive what has happened showing he has matured from when he was younger showing that he has begin his transition. His consequence is forgiving the people who put him down, establishing ground amongst the people who told him he was nothing. Despite the differences between the two texts they are still able to compare in a number of ways. Both come from a dark star whereas Tom has to deal with his brother in jail, biggie also had to deal with his good friend in jail, they both mature and we see them both reach success.

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Promptly Acknowledge Affiliation to Provide Context

Promptly Acknowledge Affiliation to Provide Context Promptly Acknowledge Affiliation to Provide Context Promptly Acknowledge Affiliation to Provide Context By Mark Nichol I was slightly put off by a newspaper article that referred to the recent appearance before a US Senate subcommittee of philanthropist Paul David Hewson. Why? Because the article, after introducing Hewson by his better-known moniker, Bono, identified him simply as â€Å"the U2 frontman.† The article, however, had nothing to do with Bono’s membership in one of the most commercially successful and critically acclaimed rock bands of all time. Bono spoke to the subcommittee in his capacity as an activist who has cofounded several nongovernmental organizations that seek to improve living conditions, primarily in Africa. It had everything to do with finding ways to combat extremism and terrorism without violence, including providing financial assistance to refugees victimized by perpetrators of such movements. The article was in the entertainment section, not the news section, but it was a bit flippant about one of Bono’s admittedly offbeat arguments: that humor be deployed as one cultural weapon against repressive regimes. Most important, however, it took its time presenting Bono’s credentials, implying that he was just one more in a long line of airheaded artists spouting dippy suggestions about how to save the world. The writer did not err in mentioning Bono’s identity as the face of an iconic music act- that’s what attracts eyeballs- but to be responsible, he or she should have quickly introduced the musician in his additional capacity as a respected advocate for oppressed people all over the world. Readers unfamiliar with his activism and philanthropy would then be promptly informed of the validity of his appearance before a congressional subcommittee. Following a blithe lede (that’s journalistic slang for the lead sentence or paragraph of a newspaper article, kids), the article stated, â€Å"The U2 frontman spoke during a Senate subcommittee hearing on Tuesday . . . .† If I had been the editor of the article, I would have revised it to read something like this: â€Å"The U2 frontman, also recognized for his activism and philanthropy in support of oppressed people worldwide, spoke during a Senate subcommittee hearing on Tuesday . . . .† In addition, Bono’s primary plea was for more funding for political refugees; the comment about deploying comedians was an afterthought by comparison, though he did make a valid point about how dadaists and surrealists in early Nazi Germany, employing satire in their activities and publications, were a threat to Nazi hegemony. The article underemphasized his call for a program much like the Marshall Plan, an ambitious (and expensive) but effective economic initiative that was instrumental in helping Europe rebuild after World War II. In summary, if you find yourself in a position to report on a celebrity’s more substantial activities, such as philanthropic efforts, even if the content is intended to be as much entertaining as informative (or even more of the one than the other), do a better job than the writer in question about providing context. Want to improve your English in five minutes a day? Get a subscription and start receiving our writing tips and exercises daily! Keep learning! Browse the Style category, check our popular posts, or choose a related post below:Program vs. ProgrammeThe Difference Between "will" and "shall"10 Varieties of Syntax to Improve Your Writing

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Recovery for Athletes Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Recovery for Athletes - Essay Example These are all necessary for them to maximize performance. The chosen article entitled â€Å"Using Recovery Modalities between Training Sessions in Elite Athletes Does it Help? Authored by Anthony Barnett, highlights the wide range, evidenced-based recovery modalities for enhancing between-training session recovery among elite athletes and presented the efficacy for each recovery modality to reduce the severity and period of exercise-induced muscle injury, as well as, delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS). The said modalities are as follows: First is the massage, which is used in the training of athletes and have been known to decrease oedema and pain; Second is the active recovery, a technique based on post exercises to remove lactate; Third is the cryotherapy is used actively to treat acute traumatic injury and considered appropriate as a recovery modality of post-train- modality following training and competition; Next is the contrast temperature that utilizes water immersion alter nating the warm-to-hot and cold water; Another is the hyperbaric oxygen therapy, which involves the whole-body exposure to pressure >1 atmosphere while breathing the 100% oxygen.